This can be an apt image to use for Aussie Education promotions!

Yesterday as I watched the innings of David Warner, I couldn’t help the thought that occurred after noticing the gaping Indian greats in the slips. Sachin in first slip, Dravid in second and VVS in the third… Sehwag was in Gully while Gambhir was also close by… it looked as an image of dedicated students sitting in first row of a classroom taking lessons from the master… Hence like a promotion for Australian Education… Indian students who have travelled across this month to study the out of form batsmen too return to form and …

What a sad month for Indian cricket!!! As an Indian in Australia, it has not just let us down but the fact that we have a captain who is so clue-less. I had the privilege of attending their nets in Sydney and noticing the body language, it was not difficult to predict what happened. We lost the first test match with one day spare. Lost the second with one innings spare and now in the third one, we are looking at winding up the full match with two days to spare… Definitely an improvement!

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