Why single out “Australians” returning from “India” for the fines and jail? If it’s a mistake in the announcement, correct it before this is interpreted incorrectly.

Several countries have implemented temporary travel restrictions on arrivals from India but the Australian announcement goes a bit too far. Australia is the only country that has even banned Australian Citizen and Residents. US and UK don’t just exempt their citizen and residents but also the international students.

The difference in the announcements has been clearly observed in the media.

I have shared my perspective in my interview with Navneet Anand of Voice Aajkal, a local channel if the Indian Australian community.


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  1. Misplaced agenda?!! These actions remind us of the proverbial, “to saw off the branch you’re sitting on”!! India is supposed to be the second-largest market for study abroad, and treating a growing market that generates loads of revenue for Australia, just to drive home a political mandate surely makes for dumb economic sense. Canada and UK milked most of the benefits from the Indian market and will ride the wave well into 2023. And what will Australia or US do? For the US it is not a big deal as it has other compensatory markets from where the tidings could be managed. But what about Australia? Without inflow from China and India, the 2 billion GDP contribution nearly vaporizes. This will hit hard on not only the Universities’ kitty but on all ancillary businesses including Student Accomodation, OSHC, and PR (MARA). To assume the effects to be anything else is simply hilarious. It’s time that Australian politicians realize the age-old wisdom and base their policy on business prudential rather than a whimsical and racist agenda. And can someone please explain what soon means?? Is it like ‘never’??


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