Top Indian Schools 2012 Rankings released… Some surprises continue…

The ranking season is on… As the World University Rankings get released, India too has its Top School Ranking released this week. Education World in their September 2012 issue provide us with a fairly exhaustive ranking chart covering most of the popular schools around the country.

For the full list, do look up the Issue of the Magazine on this link. My concern with this ranking is that with no school really providing all the required details or the acceptable level of transparency, such rankings at best only work on perceptions and if we are talking of perceptions, I am not willing to accept that The Doon School can be at No.2 in India and Rishi Valley, despite being a bright spot in South India can be called the No.1 Indian boarding school. I may be biased a bit but I guess the perception in North, West and East India and to a great extent, in South India too, will work the other way round. Maybe Mayo and Scindia and Welhams will also sneak in before Rishi Valley on perception… Overall, good to have a listing of good schools and would not like to call one as better than the other…



    1. Have done that but must say that any rankings on the basis of such subjective criteria is lacking in basic tenets. It can misguide people and students. Have objective rankings at all time if you must have them. The more reliable world rankings are objective… They measure the quality of teachers or quality of pass outs or academic output or placements… Having perceptive rankings are very poor indicators and there is no way to measure one year with another… If we were to do perceptive rankings of Universities, the billion odd Indian population would have ranked IITs and Indian Universities in the top of the world rankings but the reality is that they don’t figure in the top200 in the world… At the same time the Indian IITs can complain that the rankings are comparing apples with oranges as IITs are focussed institutions while Universities run everything from commerce, economics, humanities, law, engineering and medical… Then the surveyors can rebut that well, MIT is on top and they are also known more for engineering… Well…


  1. I like your candid views.can u please advise icsc vs cbse which id better…also best schools in Mumbai for cbse


    1. Thanks. CBSE is good if you are looking at Indian competitive entrances for engineering and medicine. However in my personal opinion, ICSE is a better board and more suitable generally.


  2. Two schools that I associate with are here !! Doon School and Mahindra UWC (sister school to Atlantic College)


  3. thanks ravi ji salute you for a very insightful information. It has been very helpful in understanding the pros and cons of various curriculums in your blog. And could’nt agree with you more !


  4. hllo.I m going to give 10th cbse board exam this year and I to take admission in south for my further studies.I want to become doctor in,can u suggest me best school for my studies and information relating entrance exams and many moe.


  5. Great information. I’m looking for a affordable day school in Dehradun. I’ve heard about Dehradun hills academy . Is there a better school for middle class people in Dehradun? The reputation and school ranking is not something I know of. But, this school is recommended by a contact in Delhi. Ravilochan sir, do you mind answering whether this is a good choice for a middle class budget school. Thanks


  6. Hi. Along with top schools in India, I am looking for best schools in gurgaon for my daughter. I am unable to find the article regarding the same on your site. Please do publish the details of top schools in gurgaon as well.



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