The world of International education… this week.

A lot has happened in our world this week with direct and indirect impact on the Industry that I belong to…

Sibal tabled the Education Reforms bills:

Irrespective of whether I agree or disagree with Sibal and his directions, all the bills prepared by the MOHRD were tabled in the Parliament. Guys, it will take a long time even from now but the direction is certainly being shown. It may mean a few modifications and a few months but certainly the Foreign Education Bill in some form or other will be passed… You already know my take on the bills through my earlier blogs. Will India gain? It will. Will it gain enough? It will not. Will it justify the reasons being put forward? Never.

Australia defered the SOL announcement and has now suspended the Skills Migration lodgments temporarily…

The deferment of the SOL is actually a cause of anxiety for the potential applicants in Australia (onshore students who have or are completing their courses or on the TR) and also overseas. It is a cause of anxiety to all those who are planning education in Australia. Once again, you may say that PR and Education should not have a link BUT every student wanting to study does want to know if the occupation that he is planning for is an occupation in demand. The temporary suspension of the Migration lodgments is an indication of some things to come. There is a situation on the ground with many onshore with some expectation from the Australian Government. In the election year, will the Government be a little flexible or more inflexible?

Australian Immigration has re-registered Education Agents in India.

Just done a blog on 5th May and have added a postscript to that too. This is a turning point in the industry in India. You reap what you sow…

UK election result and its impact on Immigration.

Clearly the Tories are heading towards forming the government but the fact that they donot have clear majority is an advantage to some sections of the industry. The Tories agenda on Immigration was clearly a reversal of the labour-flexibility and almost like the current Ozzie mindset.


  1. Believe that immigration today is too high and needs to be reduced. Steps will be taken to reduce net migration to “tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands”.
  2. Student visa system will be tightened up to clamp down on abuse:
  3. Make it easier for reputable institutions to accept applications.
  4. Extra scrutiny on new institutions and institutions not registered with Companies House
  5. Insist foreign students at new or unregistered institutions pay a bond in order to study in this country, to be repaid after the student has left the country at the end of their studies
  6. Ensure foreign students can prove that they have the financial means to support themselves in the UK
  7. Require that students must usually leave the country and reapply if they want to switch to another course or apply for a work permit.

More on

(Thanks Rahul for sharing this…)

However, not having the majority and being forced to bed with the Liberal Democrats will mean that they may have to work on a “Common Minimum Program” and hence we can look forward to some softening on their agenda. The success of several “first generation migrants” in the elections including those from the subcontinent too means that there will be a more inclusive UK in future too. Just as a reminder Liberal Democrats are actually asking for amnesty for the illegal migrants… Interesting bed-fellows indeed.

Looking forward to the coming week with anticipation…

… Australia should soon announce the SOL.

… UK should get its coalition government.

… Time for Mangoes and Litchi now that Nor’wester has hit town.



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