“We cannot allow our fear of going backwards from stopping us from going forwards,” Aussie PM says and “signals” exemptions for international students from travel ban.

PM Scott Morrison has announced the three steps toward reopening the economy from COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. This is so welcome since in his reply to a question he clearly indicated that with “quarantine” built in by Universities, a possibility for International Students to travel exists. He referred to this in the third step which he had indicated for July. I guess now the ball is in the court of the Universities. A “possibility exists now” for continuing students who are currently overseas to be able to return in time for the next semester in August and for new students to be able to commence in November 2020…

Step 1 to Step 3 between now and July. Step 3 talks of the International Students Travel
PM signals exemption from Travel Ban for International Students in Step 3. Listen to him detail.

I can only say THANK YOU PM and we agree with what you said: “We cannot allow our fear of going backwards from stopping us from going forwards.”

On last Sunday, Australian Education Minister had been open about the possibility of an exemption for International Students to be able to travel into Australia. The text of his interview to ABC Insider was…


SPEERS: Just a  final one of this because the universities are very reliant on that income that they get from international students, and they want to see that resume and they know they can’t just teach them online they’ll, they’ll go elsewhere. Will the government look at some sort of exemption to allow foreign students to come into Australia, even when our international borders remain close because they’re going to remain closed, it’s clear for quite a while. Would you consider some sort of exemption for foreign students? 

TEHAN: Well the first thing we’ve got to do is get out of the campuses here are for domestic students, and for those international students who are here now. So my focus, like it is with schools like it is with childcare, and now, like it is with universities. Let’s get them open, Let’s get that education happening for those who are here, and can avail themselves of it. That is the absolute key focus of the government at the moment 

 SPEERS: But what about some sort of exemption to allow international students to come into Australia. 

  TEHAN: Well, down the track, you know, these are things that we can, we can look at and examine 

  SPEERS: You will look at that? 

  TEHAN: Well, I mean we’ll, a lot of things we will look at and examine, you got to remember when it comes to international students. They generate huge employment here in Australia from coming here availing themselves of our education system, that generates upwards of about 250,000 jobs nationally so it is something that we would look at 

  SPEERS: Education Minister Dan Tehan, thank you 

 TEHAN: Thanks David  

Now we wait for the Department of Home Affairs, Australian Border Force and also the Universities to work out the arrangements that don’t pose any risk to the health of Australia.

Summary: I do have a positive feeling that Universities that have a third intake commencing in November will be able to recruit International students.


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