Roadmap to Recovery… a theme for the AAERI convention but also the hope for the International Education Sector.

AAERI will hold its first attempt at hosting the annual convention on a virtual platform but like many aspects of the pandemic crisis, it is also a new opportunity. AAERI conventions have traditionally been hosted in a fancy Delhi hotel and to an active audience over an evening dinner. This year there is such a great panel of speakers on this most critical theme and that is largely due to the way the event will be held. The other opportunity is that the attendees will now be from around the world. Virtual platform has opened up that opportunity and I guess the future conventions may also be held virtually.

The lineup of the speakers is fantastic and I for one will be listening in to each of them. In my personal opinion, this convention over three days will be handy for all planners who have South Asia focus. While the prospects of entry of new students looks bleak at this moment, there are significant “survivability” concerns for many of the agencies.

Anyone interested in the theme and the sector can register on

Sharing below the line up of speakers but do also take a look at the program schedule as it has the topics for the sessions.


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