Changing bottles does not change the wine… Education NZ reboots its education agent engagement: IEEN to NZIER to NZSA and now to ENZRA and then further ENZOP…


But then inability to build a lasting relationship with education agents can turn out to be the nemesis for the program. I have been an active supporter of NZ Education and what it offers. Have also done several blogs appreciating the work being put out. However, this time, I must express my disappointment.

The release as provided on the Education NZ website appears to be nothing new in reality. Every few years the market gets informed on a new abbreviation to look out for when assuring themselves on the education agent’s credibility. As a member of all the named bodies till date, I can say with utmost certainly that this is harming the image of NZ and ENZ should have retained the brand of NZSA even if there was to be a changed internal regulation. After all, even ENZ retained the same name after it became a crown entity. Agents have spent significantly on creating an awareness on the NZSA in the marketplace.

The above sentiments has been expressed as a well-wisher of Education New Zealand.

Agent programme factsheet





  1. Mr Singh,

    Great Article, Thanks for pointing out this Issue. I am a victim myself. I studied through a twinning collaboration at NDSU, United States. I returned back to India and it came as a shock to me that AIU does not recognize my degree as equivalent to an Indian Degree because I did not study full four years in US, My courses were transferred from India. I wish to pursue further studies in India but I am helpless.



    1. Isha, I assume your comment is related to another of my blogs. You are correct that it is indeed a big issue in India and many are affected. It is only when they approach the AIU for equivalence that they realise that they cannot do further studies in India. As have stated in one of the earlier writings, all Indian students who have done one year Masters (especially when almost all UK Masters are 1 year long) are deemed to be not-equal. I have also stated that there is a need to follow global standards, recognise the fact that students do carry credits and hence the degrees gained differ to what we offer here. However that does not make them invalid in India. This has also been raised as an agenda item for the new HRD minister to consider, though am not sure if she will understand the priority…


  2. Ravi, Yes I am surprised, a few years back it was IEEN changed to NZIER and soon to NZSA, the focus changes as soon as people change. Its more like a political party in India, which changes names of the streets and bridges as soon as they come to power.

    Whats the purpose of this group and do they have any legality in India? The NZSA online training is OK but one cannot become a expert after completing it, it needs experience and also ethics. I am supervised that no regulations on ethics is actually in this course


  3. Ravi, The legal laws of New Zealand will have no legality in India and some policies cannot be implemented, Anyone can have a website or company name such as NZSA or its abbreviations and it cannot be stopped by any one. If a agent is involved in fraud – NZSA / ENZ or any other organisation will not be able to take any action in India. Agents must be self regulated and this is a necessity. ENZ must support a agent organisation here and implement all policies or regulations using this


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