Reblogging: Why IB (INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE) still doesn’t fit into the INDIAN scheme of things?

I did a blog last year detailing why I feel that IB may be an excellent curriculum but does not fit into Indian scheme of things. This particular blog continues to be that gets maximum hit even right now and I keep receiving emails on whether what I stated then is still valid from my perspective.

Readers, the fact is that not much has changed since then and now. Entrance Exams for Engineering Colleges still are in May and it clashes with the date for the IB and hence making the IB students more or less ruled out. IB curriculum is great but not in line with the entrance test curriculum for various colleges and institutes in India that run the entrance tests. The results are also declared well after admissions to colleges in India have been finalised and only a handful of colleges may allow a provisional admission based on expected results.

The earlier blog that I have referred to is on the link below… Feel free to critique…

Why IB (INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE) doesn’t fit into the INDIAN scheme of things?.



  1. There is another new board igcse – cambridge university…your views on aligning to this board


    1. Similar. Timing of the exams and the results do create issues for Indian students if we are looking at admissions in India. The curriculum does not favour the format for various entrance tests in India. However applicability overseas is not an issue.


  2. Are these comments still valid in July 2015
    I heard that now the exam dates for IB And IGCSE do not clash with the medical and engineering entrances
    Can one do HSC and then go overseas by giving SAT


    1. Yes one can take HSC and still go overseas. If one is aiming at US or Canada, then SAT is required. If it is other countries then the percentage of marks in Yr 12 exam is the requirement. Some institutions in these other countries may have issues with state boards but not all.


      1. Hi Ravi – can you pl share your mail id as I have some queries that I can write you about.



  3. what if you do the March series in A levels? then you get your results by May. So that should be fine for the grade submission part. For entrance exam preparation, is it possible to do it side by side your A levels? Or is there an option somehow that you can skip JEE after a levels if you’re an NRI?


  4. Whats the present status of IB curriculum in 2018 in regards to Indian entrances and also the other non medical non engineering options available these days


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