Australia finds that businesses and public want International Students to stay on post study and contribute to the society… Will this encourage the Govt to lower the bar for job-linked immigration!

The research, conducted for Universities Australia, found more that 80 per cent of business representatives surveyed and 72 per cent of the public said that international students should be encouraged to stay in Australia on completion of their studies, particularly if sponsored by an employer.

Universities Australia’s chief executive Belinda Robinson described the research findings on attitudes to international students as an important fillip for Australia’s higher education system and its students.

“We strongly value our international students who are an integral part of Australia’s diverse multicultural society and who help build deep cultural ties with their fellow students and the wider community.

“International students are also playing a pivotal role in increasing our engagement with Asia during this Asian Century. They are helping Australia forge valuable links with their home countries, providing a cross-cultural dialogue with domestic students and sustaining ongoing relationships with Australia in their post-student lives.”

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Universities Australia’s first comprehensive policy statement, which will be released during the higher education conference tomorrow, has taken into account the findings of the research and community outreach program.

Public Perceptions of Australia’s Universities can be accessed at


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  1. This begs the question, both Australia and UK, why are there persistent negative campaigns by politicians, mainstream media and stakeholders in the anti population/immigration and racist lobbies, against international students?

    Further, why does the international education industry, as a whole, not lobby government more effectively and also reach the mainstream media to both explain benefits and rebut misinformation, distortions, e.g. conflating international student temporary entrants with immigrants?


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