AAERI’s “Mood of the student survey” indicates that students won’t buy online at current price and ready to travel even with quarantine requirement.

Last week at the AAERI convention, the result of “mood of the student” survey was released. In any business decision making, the customer’s desire needs to be considered and only then one can tailor an offering that will eventually be successful. I believe this is covered in MKTG101 as almost the first lesson in marketing.

In recent months there have been several surveys conducted and you may think of the AAERI survey only the latest of them all. I however consider it as superior for many reasons. The first is that it is the only survey that has ensured samples from all the regions of India and Nepal. Secondly it is not conducted by any one agency and thus may not carry any such bias that tailors the survey result to suit the agenda of the company conducting the survey. Thirdly, it is also most recent and the sample is from students who were already in pipeline across the aaeri agents.

The slides from the full survey presentation can be downloaded from here.

Those needing more information on the survey can always reach out to AAERI and also the named executives on the presentation who conducted the survey.

However, here I want to share only the following key slides “in my opinion” which is going to help plan the future… If the Universities can agree to bring down the fees for 2021 by 25% and further lower to 50% for “online studies” and if the Government understands that International students are possibly the only travellers who may agree to a period of quarantine on arrival, the policy to allow international students travel in can actually be implemented earlier than what we are being made to plan for.


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  1. Lowering fees may be a legitimate business strategy provided that over the medium term it does not strain financial viability of providers nor reduce their capacity to invest in research and innovation. A hybrid and seamless on line/face to face option might deliver equitable outcomes for institutions and students but this will require substantial outlays for R & D.


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