“If only the proposal for pre-arrival test and post-arrival University-Organised quarantine is accepted, we can bounce back… the students are waiting to travel” My chat with Navneet Anand…

I had blogged on this and had detailed the proposal a few days ago. The newspapers and experts in Australia have also echoed the same formula this day. Now that the Australian PM has highlighted the need to address the economy and there is also a hint on a possibility of easing on travel restrictions… It is a time for some sensible opening up on the travel for International students. They don’t pose a risk of any kind as they do undertake a pre-arrival medical test.

I was interviewed by Mr Navneet Anand this day and you may find the zoom-chat useful. Navneet is Director of Fiji Times, Australia (Media House) and also the Founder of online portal “VOICE AAJKAL” Navneet Anand is also Director for GEMCO Sydney and is duly registered Australian migration agent bearing MARN 0211156. Armed with public Administration and Psychology degrees, professionally he has been engaging with onshore and offshore student recruitment for 25 years.


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