TWO NEWS of this day that will have an impact on INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION MOBILITY from INDIA: UK MASTERS to continue to remain un-equal in India and GST applicable on services of education agencies…

There are two news items that will have a direct impact on our industry.

  • Times of India is reporting that

The Authority for Advance Rulings (AAR) has held that services performed by Global Reach Education Services, which promoted courses of foreign universities among prospective students in India, cannot be regarded as ‘export of services’. Thus, these services would attract GST.
Global Reach, based in Kolkata, had sought a ruling from the West Bengal AAR on whether the services performed by it could be considered as an export and therefore a zero-rated supply, which would not attract GST under the Central (CGST) Act and the West Bengal State GST Act.

The full article can be found on this link.

I may add that the above article is the final decision at this time. However Global Reach believes that the ruling is not accurate and will be appealing the same. Those wanting a copy of the full ruling can find it on this link.

  • New Indian Express has reported that

The Centre has, once again, decided to refuse a proposal by the UK government to recognise 1-year Master’s degree programme offered by majority of the British universities at par with India’s post-graduation degree.

The UK government had sent the proposal to the Union Human Resources Development ministry following a first-of its kind agreement between India and France for degree recognition that also saw India giving assent to a same duration Master’s degrees by some French Universities.

This is a shocker indeed. Earlier this year India and France entered into a bilateral agreement to grant recognition to each-other’s qualifications and this included one year Masters from France. UK had pitched its proposal timed to Indian PM’s visit to UK.

The full article can be found on this link.

What I find disappointing is the logic given by the Ministry of HRD…

“In the wake of this agreement, UK government had approached us but we have had major concerns with the proposal,” he added. “If we agree (to the proposal) people will deep pockets can go and earn a Master’s degree in one year but that what benefit it will serve to majority of our students?”



  1. Then, why on earth, Indian Government don’t give any caution to students who are planning to pursue one year Master’s in the UK?? All those colourful prospectus given at free of cost during counselling by these UK Universities should at least have a print saying that their one year Master’s is not equivalent to Masters in India as per AIU. or at least the Indian financial institutions ready to offer education loan should caution us… So many cheat works are done at International and National level and yet they are not considering students like me who have taken education loan to pursue abroad and having our degree worthless, useless, considered less in par to Indian education and still have to bear the cost of being cheated with hefty interest rate?? So, Indian Government is not willing to give any solution for this???? May be as they advise Indian University educated students to make pakora for living, going to advise us make and sell Bajji or samosa in India??? Anyways, not a health solution to Nation and individuals like us..


    1. I agree with you that there is a duty of care on part of the Universities from overseas promoting in India. If the Master degrees are less than 2 years or if the degrees at Bachelors level are made up using a pathway, the students should be pre warned. i also wonder how the Banks issue forex and education loans for the degrees when the mandate requires them to fund only recognised courses.


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