Indian Public Bank (Bank of Baroda) releases a list of World Universities for issues education loans at lower interest rates. However I wonder how they chose…

Bank of Baroda has recently issued a list of preferred Universities with the following message:

Our Bank has now released a new list of Colleges/Instituitions for studying abroad as well as studying abroad. Students getting selected in these colleges will have special discount on Interest Rates.
Now take a look at the list. You will find tabs for the various streams of study. I wonder on what basis did they make this list. For an example: Australian National University that is ranked in top 20 in the world is listed for all disciplines other than “others” when in reality they are in the top of the world or various courses listed under “others”.
However it is a good idea to have a list like this though there should be some basis. Maybe they have referred to one of the available rankings. The list under Engineering clearly seems to include the top 10 Engineering colleges from Australia who come under the extended Group of Eight.
Similarly one can argue for institutions from around the other parts of the world. Just adding a note can help.
The list shared recently is attached here.

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