Indian students being deported in NZ have a right to protest but It is impossible that the fraudulent documents were provided by agents without the students wanting them that way…

A media release is in circulation that large numbers of Indian students are to protest this weekend in Auckland against their deportation. While they are within their rights to do so but it is impossible to believe the reason that they give.

A student submitting a fraudulent bank or other documents in their student visa application is always in the know and have desired it that way. Some may have been assisted by their education agents in the process but to put the blame solely on the education agent located overseas is like passing the buck to a party which might not be present to defend themselves. (From the rumours that I hear, one of the key agencies involved is based in NZ… but that is another matter…)

I will let you see the media release and make up your own mind on it:

Indian students and supporters plan protest

Thursday, 1 September 2016, 3:36 pm
Press Release: International Indian students
Indian students and supporters plan protest on Saturday to demand justice

Press Release

Over 150 International Indian students are about to be deported from New Zealand because their India-based agents have used fake financial documents to get them into the country on student visas.

These students had no idea that fake documents were used by their agents. Deporting them for something which they have not done is unfair.

A protest is being organised at 12 noon this Saturdayoutside the offices of National Party list MP Dr Paramjeet Parmar in Stoddard Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland.

The students have paid tens of thousands of dollars to education providers in New Zealand who worked with the recruiters in India but now the students are being told they cannot have refunds if they are sent home.

Despite the fact that the names of these agents have been given to Immigration New Zealand, these dodgy agents have not been held accountable and neither have the colleges where the student studied.

Sunil Chinta, student at AWI international education group says: “We are here for studying and international exposure, not for cheating someone. We are honest, hardworking and law-abiding migrants in the country. Please don’t deport us for something which we have not done”.

Pradeep Sudini, a student at New Zealand Institute of studies says: “Don’t punish me, I have not cheated in anyways to get my student visa. The financial document that was given to Immigration New Zealand on my behalf was done by the agent and not me”.

Sairup Teegala, Royal Business College says “I came to New Zealand with a lot of dreams but now this situation is a nightmare. Had I known earlier I could have acted to correct the situation. I could have been stopped at the airport to avoid this grief and hassle”

Hafiz Syed graduated from NZSE says “I opted for New Zealand for education over US and Canada. When I have applied for my student visa, I had no idea about any fraudulent document. When I have applied for my open job search visa I was told about fraudulent document. This has thrashed me and created pressure on my mind. If deported I will not be able to face my family and friends. Anything worst happens to me, Immigration NZ will be accountable for it”

We are protesting for the justice of these International students and giving a message of Solidarity to our Indian students in the country.

Let’s gather this Saturday at 12 noon outside the Stoddard Road shops in Mount Roskill, Auckland.




  1. Hi Ravi,

    I hope you have gone thru the interviews of Stephen Joyce and all the NZ media is bashing him about different policies for different nationalities as previously Filipino workers and Chinese students has been spared for committing frauds and also the PTE’s approved by NZQA and Government are also hand in hand with Agents and encourage them to recruit bad quality students.

    And people say that they agree with the minister and NZ media doesnt agree with him. We should also put our weight on our own people and out rightly agree with the minister and we should raise platforms and support our own students.


    1. I agree that the situation is fairly complicated and have seen comments drawing parallels with the treatment of international students from other destinations. The student is within his rights to protest and take legal measures and I am sure that if there are precedents, they will get redressals. I have also seen the Indian High Commission assisting the students. There is a point in the statements that any checks should be prior to the visa or in the initial stages of the course. Not after the student has already completed the program of study. I also have an issue with the belief of the immigration that the student must spend from the same resources that were demonstrated at the time of the visa. It is possible that the student has been able to work part time or may have other sources over the months that has helped with the fees etc. In one of the recent conversations I hear that there is an immigration concern over the fact that many students don’t use all the funds that they have saved under FTS. I find it difficult to raise any concern on that as long as the student has been able to pay the fees and manage the living.


  2. Well We appreciate that the Indian High Commissioner is supporting the Indian students and we hope with all the media pressure things will get better. Another concerning issue is that one of the college has been rather closed and another 11-12 under investigation in the end the one who will suffer will be students. The message to the minister that they should clean their own house before blaming and taking action on Indian Students.

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    1. i just saw the interview of the immigration minister. he says that NZ is not pathway to migration… and only 19% of the total students have any hope for migration… I assume that he is clear in the message that only skills on long term skill shortage will be helpful for migration oriented students. Now well NZ has been promoted for decades as a destination where education is a pathway to migration… need for the NZ Govt to immediately stop blaming agents and begin promoting pathway to migration only if skills linked to occupations on long term skill shortage list…


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