Immigration NZ attempts transparency and releases “Indian Education Agent” visa approval rate publicly on its website.

It seems that INZ is under pressure to become more transparent. A few weeks ago, I had blogged on the the documents sourced through the Official Informations Act where the list of education agents found to have submitted fraudulent documents was listed. That blog can be found on this link. I was also quoted in PIE News on that topic and that article is on this link.

However, it seems that Immigration NZ has become determined to pursue further transparency and has now released the visa approval rate for all agents publicly on its website.

While I take delight in finding my company in the top 10 agents based on visa success rate, I do believe that such moves can be used by some agencies for their marketing advantage and this might not be very productive. Visa success rates can vary between regions in the market. The earlier release of documents through the Official Secrets Act too has been used by a particular agency in North India which has put out posters in their offices already warning students from using the named agents.

As I indicated in my blog and my various articles, sometimes even a well meaning education agent can end up with a fraudulent document unknowingly.

However now that INZ has put out the list of agents on their website, I am provide the link to their site where one can find the downloadable list and also the most recent newsletter with student visa statistics for India (link).

Is such transparency helpful without any disclaimers? Absolutely no benefit of doubt?




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