25 years (1991-2016) of doing what I know best and now time to share the story on CNBC in India and detail the challenges for the industry on Radio 2GB in Australia.

Over the last decade, there have been several “so called” experts almost writing off the role of an education counsellor and assuming that internet is to replace the education agents exactly the way travel agents been sidelined by well designed travel booking portals. However they forgot to consider the issues around 1)conversions of online enquiry to enrolment for Universities, 2)Issues around document fraud for the visa departments and 3)level of difficulty with processes for a student. All these three aspects can’t simply be replaced by flashy and well designed IT solutions. Assistance by reputed and reliable education counsellors (middle-men) continues be required and today even the online queries received by Universities are being referred to education agents on the ground to vet. The challenge before the stakeholders is the need to be able to identify as to who is reputed and reliable. Though mere chasing of student numbers will always cloud their findings.

In September 1991, Global Reach took birth coinciding with the opening up of the Indian market. Next month, the company and the concept will be 25 years old.

Last few days has had me in the media talking about the Global Reach story and detailing our plans for the coming years. For those who want to see me at my immodest best, I provide the youtube link of a program that was aired on CNBC last week that featured me and GR as Icon of New India


To me sustenance of our sector is clearly the focus as we head into the next phase. However considering the external factors alongside the internal preparedness will be required. Last night, I was interviewed on Radio 2GB by Steve Price and Danny Bielik. Here I have talked about the challenges for Australian Education in the Indian Market and the issues that need to be fixed. I have shared why I believe Australia needs to treat the Indian students as customers. Post Study Work has been offered but employers have not been advised that such international students on 485 subclass visa are eligible for full time work.

The interview can be found on the link below…




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