Delhi High Court issues its landmark judgement on IIPM… Time for the (pony)tail between the legs for the one who has been “counting his chicken before they hatched”…

For years IIPM offered its fraud degrees across India and used its various “unrecognised” institutions in India and overseas to duck the legal system. Thousands of students have been marketed into buying the so-called degrees that was supposed to be even better than the IIM delivered programs. IIPM used a maze of institutions and challenged every word questioning its legitimacy.

Finally and after tireless pursuit over years, Delhi High Court has handed down the judgement and declared that the degrees offered by IIPM are fraudulent and further, they have been asked to put the judgement on their website and issue an apology. Further, the maze of institutions and their modus operandi too has been commented upon.

The summary of the judgement an be found in the press reports. Quoting from one such below:

A division bench comprising chief justice G. Rohini and justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw restrained IIPM and its management with immediate effect from using the words “MBA, BBA, management course, management school, business school or b-school” in relation to the courses offered by it as well as in representations made to the public. The institute was also “directed to prominently display on the website of IIPM that they are not recognized by any statutory body/authority” and clarify the status of the foreign institutions from which students enrolling in IIPM would be getting a degree or certification. IIPM was given a week’s time to upload and display the court’s judgement prominently on its website to ensure that the attention of anyone visiting the website is drawn to it. The court also imposed costs of Rs.25,000 on IIPM, which has to be paid to Delhi Legal Services Authority. The court noted that IIPM was promoting an impression that it had recognition from a foreign management institute–International Management Institute (IMI), Belgium. The court found that in fact IMI had been set up by Arindam Chaudhuri and his father Malay Chaudhuri and was not even recognized by the laws of Belgium. Calling this arrangement a “maze…to entrap students” the court said that such “advertisements have the potential of misguiding young minds who have a craze for foreign education in the hope it will open doors for international placements/employments and cleverly concealing from them that IMI, Belgium is nothing but an alter ego or another face of IIPM.” The court said that it was a settled position that “no institution should run MBA/Management course, without the approval of the AICTE,” or All India Council for Technical Education. IIPM, lacking such recognition, was not entitled to run or advertise such management courses. (Source: Live Mint )

This is a huge judgement and certainly not the end of the story on IIPM as I am sure that several students who have thus been cheated with may rise to take the “man” to task. If I was one such student, I would now use this judgement and its detailed outlining of the “maze” to claim damages for the fraud committed using marketing hype. Time also for all those who sided with the ponytail to “wake up”. This includes the like of Mr Arnabh Goswami of Times Now who invited him on several of his News Hour debates as a hallowed guest and also to the SRK who lent his credibility to the IIPM. Full Judgement can be studied from this link.



  1. Students like us were fallen in the dark. Does the government take any action on the degree awarded. we are working in private org. with the awarded degree, many so called marketing ads ruined our degree. is there any solutions to the students who all graduated before 2010. We have invested in time and money, now everything turns against us. We have dreamed the future to be top class manager but to claim the ladder we need the PG degree handy to recognize in the world of business.

    Kindly advise on the guidelines of the students passed out before 2009-2010. We are not looking on the institute side but we are looking on the degree side. Even government slept more the 30-40 yrs to release the verdict. It shows the education regulators and so called government failed in guiding the young minds in the country like us.

    And we do take the blame but we are not informed anything on the program or degree. Atleast we thought a degree is valid in upcountry since the degree is awarded by IMI. Now even that degree we lost.

    so can you advise the course of action for the students.


    1. My understanding is that the court judgment is quite clear and it leave the option now to the student to file a case for cheating against the institution (if we may call that). And seek damages.


  2. My daughter n son law are also stuck in final year MBA with finance and marketing streams respectively. Two years elapsed no respite. Do we get our amounts back with compensation? Certification from another approved University in lieu of this? I need guidance on this issue.



  3. what is the effect onthe students who otainned certificates from iipm via recognised universities.


      1. Sir, i am 2010-13 batch and now i am facing problem in doing job in MNC but as i can see that government had approved that students who got there degrees and marksheets ,they dont face any problem from any company but as background verification of comapny they said they cant take me on the bases of those documents what should i do! 😦


  4. Iipm is total fraud institution.he takes admission fee returnable.but when u want return they makes many excuses and will not return I am one of them he didn’t return.upto today from last four year.


  5. i am also one of them who has been cheated by IIPM in MBA. Can SC order to IIPM for refunding the money back to student. I opted education loan against this as well 😦 😦 …. complete hell.



  6. I am looking to apply for further degree but what can be done regarding the IIPM now as we have lost our money and time.
    Is there any suggestion how we can apply for further studies.


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