My blog of May on Australian SVP being compromised resulted in denials but today newspapers report that IMMIGRATION HAS CONFIRMED THAT SVP IS BEING ABUSED BY SOME…

In May, I wrote a fairly detailed blog and my comments were carried by THE AUSTRALIAN too.

Australian Streamline Visa Processing is one of the innovations seen in this area in recent years. I believe that it is the right step and has the potential of helping the country gain-back the students. Most of the institutions are attempting to do the right things. However, there are definitely loop holes and not all providers and/or their agents are vigilant enough. There is a need to keep ensuring that the minority doesn’t derail the good system. There is also a need to embrace the possible improvements and implement them in our processes.


There was denial in the newspaper article as can be seen on that blog and some institutions believed that there was no concern at all.

However, there is an article in today’s THE AUSTRALIAN that states that “Immigration confirms new student rort”. At-least there is a prospect of a review now… Also, in May, I had argued that the current caste system should end as far as SVP is concerned and quality private providers and all TAFE should be included in the SVP. This blog can be found on this link. I find that with the elections in Australia in two weeks, the current “opposition” has promised to do so… Let us all watch out for September now…




  1. Ravi, I dont understand the big secret here. If all the Uni’s give data of the number of students enrolled from Overseas and the numbers who jumped the ship, it will be crystal clear if really SVP has been abused..


    1. The data is all there… Ask any migration agent who is onshore and he will tell you that every few days there is a query for a change of provider from one SVP institution to another either within SVP or non-SVP.


  2. This is coming back to the same situation as before when “diploma leading to degree” combo was used to exploit AL funds requirement. We are getting couple of queries every week from students who have recently arrived under SVP and who want to change to “cheaper courses/providers”. This was always expected and this will continue unless some strict measures are introduced. Seeing Liberal’s proposed policy to remove SVP monopoly, I think that won’t help either. DIAC’s PRISM has to simply stop issuing COEs to the new provider unless authorisation from DIAC or a new visa has been granted. There has to be a check of GTE at the time of changing provider if its to be stopped.


      1. Well I totally agree with Jag Khairra and I also agree with Ravi as the system is weak and DIAC only can harsh steps to stop this exploitation of the system, well NZ did this and stopped changing of providers and the students have to lodge new visa application, But this is happening in Canada as well, We as Agents cant do much as its all in the hands of the policy makers..


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