British Diplomat practise Churchill advise. Post Study Work withdrawn but High Commissioner claims that the new system will easily allow students to stay on for six years to work!!!

Winston Churchill is widely regarded is the tallest of the British leaders and he once defined diplomacy as “the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions”. The British High Commissioner in India seems to have taken the lessons quite well. Yes Prime Minister!!! indeed.

It is a fact that the withdrawal of the Post Study Work offerings for the students has significantly curtailed the student’s ability to move into the work place even for a limited period to gain work experience. The British PM knows this when he stated that “International students are valued guests who are welcome to UK to imbibe the culture and then “leave” with a quality education and a love for Britain”. This too is the polite way of indicating that UK will offer the students a quality degree but the international students are to leave thereafter. Now whether the degree is quality or not is a different matter since I and you know that at this time, the quality degree stands as invalid in India and is not recognised especially at the Masters level. Hence, now then the student has to “leave” after the degree will he leave with a “love for Britain” or not is also a subjective emotion. If I was the student, which I am not, I would have been left with a bitter taste. Had I been allowed the Post Study Work, the taste would have been a little less bitter since the British work experience would have at least increased my chances of a job in the Indian private sector even though the government jobs, university positions and further study in India remains out of bound till the time that the Indian government can accredit the shorter British Master degrees as equivalent.

“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”

Now coming back to what the British Diplomat has been quoted to have stated and what reminded me of this Winston Churchill quote.

Describing the perception that ‘Indians could no longer work in the UK after graduation’ as a ‘myth’, British high commissioner to India James Bevan said that in fact it is quite the opposite scenario. In the article “Indians can work for 6 years after graduation” and found on the this link, the diplomat is actually making the earlier PSW offerings as insignificant in comparison to what is on offer now.

Without going into merits of the statement of the diplomat which clearly is adhering to the Churchill definition of diplomacy to the closest, I am now providing some of the comments(as they appear) of the International students itself that can be found on the linked article, right at the end…

  • COMMENT 1 • 12 days ago
    MR. Bevan, I graduated from UK last year after the changes in visa norms, and I was clearly told by recruiters, even GSK, that due to the changes in visa regulations, they are unable to sponsor me.


  • COMMENT 2 • 12 days ago

    Prospective students reading this should note, that the headline on this article is misleading. As someone who is in UK at the moment, i can tell you that the chances of landing a job above GBP 25000+ means finding a company that can sponsor you. Not every company has a license. The license also costs money to the companies. Even if a company is a licensed sponsor, sponsorship comes with a fee, local market skill test and quota/company which is an aggravation companies are not willing to go through.

    Even if your job falls in a “Shortage Skills” category which is meant to allow companies to avoid going local skill force test, they still have to go through the hassle of sponsorship (+costs).

    So its not really all that hard to see if they get a EU resident for the same role – they cut through all paperwork and expenses which would’ve been present for a non-EU candidate. Its not the skills alone that you need to land a job, but its best bet is to be an ace in your field. (then again , if you want to be an ace in your field, US offers better infra and industrial setup to be able to do that )

    To give you an estimate, if 8 out 10 students get a student visa (as per the article), 1 out of 8 will go on to get a sponsorship.


  • COMMENT 3 • 11 days ago

    Completely agree. I would say 1 out of 100 will get a sponsorship.

  • COMMENT 4• 11 days ago
    this is a very mis-leading piece. unless 2 years post study work permit is made available and govt lifts restrictions on companies sponsoring international graduates little else will make a difference. Indian students studying abroad will not get campus placements as is, plus have much higher student loans to re pay they will accept low value ad jobs in UK to re-pay the loan in and suffer in recession
  • COMMENT 5 • 11 days ago
    In fact the ratios would be even lesser than 1 in 8 getting a sponsor. The situation is much different than what these officials talk about.

    Even the companies that are on the UKBA register have jobs that will qualify are allowed to deny offering sponsorship upfront which most of them usually do when you look to apply with them. So is the situation with the recruitment agencies, it doesn’t matter how many years of experience you have with you if you are not from a pure IT background they simply say that their clients would never sponsor!

    I have to agree, these politicians only issue statements which most of us being so far away in India, unaware from the realities here believe in and start rejoicing. Seems like the media is not putting enough efforts in finding and sharing the truth with thousands of students who want to study abroad as well. They are rather happier sharing the headlines!

  • COMMENT 6 • 4 days ago

    Mr Bevan, what wrong in giving the correct picture of jobs availability for Indian students. If the same misleading, unrealistic information is given by India to UK on the upcoming projects – collaboration of universities in Pune or Mumbai – Bangalore project, what will be the fate of Britians. We Indians are well educated, experienced with perfect knowledge, Pls dont play with our future or our careers……resulting in we landing as Bar assistants or glass pickers in restaurants to repay our loans.Lastly, its more nice to come up with hard statements. We Indians are strong enough to take them and happy to survive and build our own beautiful careers in INDIA.

    Now, need I say more. The international students currently in UK have said it all. UK needs to immediately address the issue or else they will lose the attraction for the Indian students “even further”. Along with this, they need to continue to lobby even harder to ensure that their Masters degrees are found valid in India. 


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