Class Action being moved and legal options as the next step for affected students whose degrees from overseas of less than 2 years have been found invalid!!!

I have received the following from a group of affected students holding 1 year Masters degrees from UK:

In continuation of our earlier post on equivalence of UK degree, several  attempts have been made to get the matter moving. The Petition was forwarded  by Minister of State, Mr Shashi Tharoor to the MHRD. This and other matters were discussed in connection with the meeting of the visit of the British Prime Minister to India. As you all might have heard or read, the UGC had decided to introduce a gap bridging course for the students having foreign degrees in order to enable them to get into employments or do their higher studies in India. However the UGC has not announced the details or modalities of this.

Another petition to immediately announce the structure and nature of the gap bridging arrangement was made and it was forwarded to the MHRD  minister from the Office of Minister Kamal Nath. However MHRD and UGC seems to be still silent on this issue only to waste the precious time and opportunities of students who’s degrees are from UK. In this context a move is being made to move to Honourable court for securing our rights by means of a class action.

Those who wish to join the litigation please sent in your details at the following email ID at the earliest:


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