The politics in Australia is no different to India… Governments sit on committee recommendations for political gains!

One of the similarities between India and Australia that I find utterly annoying is the delays in implementing the recommendations of committees set up by the respective Government primarily due to the political considerations. In India, most of the decisions announced by the previous Minister of HRD, Kapil Sibal have already been dumped. The foreign education bill was one that he gave interviews on and made announcements around the world. There is no hope of it turning a reality especially due to the current political equations. Similarly there are other examples.

It seems that Madame Julia Gillard and her government is no different too. Australia is currently witnessing rhetoric statements being made on the 457 subclass visa category which the PM seems to believe the reason for all the ills plaguing the country. The reality is that when the same government abolished the MODL and tightened the pathway between education and immigration, she gave the 457 subclass as the option for students and others who can find a job and can be sponsored. Now, well… she seems to be making it the key election issue and attempting to woo the electorate. She is in turn making a wedge in the populace and giving an impression that non-Australian workers are just not welcome. I fear that this will have a damaging impact in the relationships between workers at each of the workplaces where the feeling has crept in or is going to creep in that the imported worker is going to take away the jobs and will lower the wage levels. Further, it is not likely to win her the elections too.

Today’s letter to the PM by ACPET is direct and makes the point well: PLEASE ACT ON THE RECOMMENDATIONS OF YOUR OWN COMMITTEE. It is not relevant only for the private sector but also to the public sector. The delays in implementation of the PSW continues to plague the student recruitment industry and we yet don’t know if it will be implemented next week…

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