Blocking of IIPM critical websites validates “his” Mantra: STOP ME IF YOU CAN!!!

Rok Sako To Rok Lo (English: Stop Me if You Can) is a 2004 Bollywood movie produced and directed by the “Arindam Chaudhri”. Is it not interesting that the title of his first such venture seems to be his tagline too. Earlier this day, we understand that DOT has now followed up the advise from the court cases filed by him and has blocked over 70 websites which includes several top and leading news sites.


Most surprisingly, the block includes the University Grants Commission, wherein a notice from the UGC pointing towards the unrecognised status of IIPM.

My earlier blog summarising IIPM and its antics continues to remain unblocked on“corruption-in-education”-his-rejecting-of-the-iipm-award-signals-that-he-does/

List of URLs blocked

The list of URLs that are being blocked (blocking instruction (II) 14 Feb 2013):

Click to access 3604913_English.pdf




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