Petition being made to Ministry of HRD seeking equivalence of overseas Masters… Support it…


September 27 · Started by Neethu Kinara · Invite Friends


The Ministry of Human Resources ,
Shastri Bhawan
New Delhi – 110001
Phone : 91-11-23383936-/44
Fax : 011-23381355,23384271
Email :
Respected Sir,
Sub: Memorandum for clarity in the issue of Equivalence of foreign degree
AIU (Association of Indian Universities) is the only recognized body in India for granting academic equivalence of degrees/diplomas not only within the country but also to other similar bodies in foreign countries. In acknowledgement to the works done by the Division since its inception the Ministry of Human Resource Development, New Delhi, vide their letter No. Dated 13th May, 1995 issued a Notification that the equivalence done by AIU will be valid for the purpose of higher education as well as employment in the country. When a student who may have got opportunities for higher education abroad , takes up the opportunity, he /She also might hope to utilise the same and bring the good experiences back to his or her own country. However when seeking employment/ Higher studies(like for instance PhD) in India , the students are asked to prove an equivalence of their degree for recognition in India. When the student approaches the Association of Indian Universalities (AIU) with functions as described earlier, the students are turned down from issuance of any equivalence letters and are directed to contact their respective professional councils or bodies like for instance the Bar council of India , the Medical council, the Veterinary Council and the like. When the students approach their respective councils they are again turned down on grounds of lack of jurisdiction to issue such equivalence in terms of Master degrees. Indian students who have done Master’s abroad are running pillar to post to find the authority who will grant equivalence to their degree so that they could work or do further studies in India. This grey area if left unclear will affect the lives of thousands of students who may have taken their degrees abroad.
Further it is also brought to the notice of the concerned authorities that in India there are many courses like for instance M.lib.Sc(Master of Library Science ) , M.Ed ( Master of education ) etc which are only for one year/12 months, still they are regarded valid for higher studies /employment. Further scholarships are offered in partnership with the Indian Govt for students to study in UK for 1 year Masters Degrees even when they are deemed to be unsuitable. Even all Indian banks offer education loans and issue forex for such 1 year degrees when RBI mandates that the study overseas should be valid.

Henceforth a foreign masters degree ought to be treated on the same lines . We the undersigned are concerned citizens who urge the leaders to act now to ensure that we Indians are not denied higher education or Job in our own country India just on the grounds of a foreign degree.


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