Helplessness of UK’s International students on closure of PSW shaming Britain.

How do overseas students feel in UK? Milked and bilked

Artwork channels ill feeling over high fees and visa changes. THES reports on 5th July…

Amid fierce debate between the government and universities over the rights and wrongs of tougher student visa requirements, international students themselves have rarely had their voices heard.

But if an artwork by a South Korean student at the Royal College of Art is anything to go by, they are not feeling loved.

When Min Jae Huh decided to created an artistic protest against the decision to end post-study work visas, she asked other international students to suggest images that symbolise how they are seen in the UK.

Worryingly for UK universities, one respondent to Ms Huh’s online call for suggestions – some of which feature in a collage of the results – put forward “criminals”. Others suggested “a person in a crate, i.e. a disposable good”, “ants”, “something miserable” or any image that “plays with erectile dysfunction” – an idea that does not appear to have made it in to the final work.

But the most common theme was that international students felt that they were seen as “walking cash”, a “cash machine” or a “cash cow”.

The full article is can be found on this link. The video below is the story in itself…


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  1. It is so true. You cannot change such policy half way through a students education. Students make decisions based on fact, policy and law. They are making an investment for their future, and to shift the goal posts during their “game” is unethical. I am surprised no one has challenged this at court – maybe the International Court of Justice or European Court of Human Rights.


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