Nirupama Rao writes to Hillary Clinton seeking fair treatment of Indian students

25 OCT, 2011, 12.07PM IST, PTI

NEW YORK: Indian Ambassador Nirupama Rao has written to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asking her to view the cases of over 1,000 Indian studentsaffected by the “sham” Tri Valley University with “understanding” and in a “fair” manner.

Rao also took up the case of the students, who had enrolled at the California university, with Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jane Holl Lute on October 24.

In her communication to Clinton, Rao “reiterated that the Indian students of Tri-Valley University have undergone hardship since the closure of the University and their cases be viewed in their totality with understanding and in a fair and reasonable manner,” Indian embassy spokesperson Virander Paul said in a statement.

The Embassy of India is continuing its efforts with US authorities for addressing the concerns of the TVU students, it said.

Officials of the Department of Homeland Security,Department of State, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement and US Citizenship and Immigration Services had met representatives of the Indian Embassy in Washington on October 21 and discussed several issues relating to the Indian students at the Tri-Valley University.

The university was raided and shut down by authorities earlier this year on charges of a massive immigration fraud.


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