World Uni Rankings: Not just THES, even QS + Shanghai indicate that Australians excel over others… LETS CHANGE OUR MINDSET…

My last blog indicated that 60% of the Aussie Universities are in top-400 in the world as per the Times (THES) 2011 rankings… Now am presenting the analysis by the other two world rankings…



  1. Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for bring this consolidated picture of what the different ranking systems are throwing up. The remarkable change that needs to take place in the mindset of all concerned is that Australian education (now clearly seen on different ranking the same result )is comparatively better as more of its institutions now figure in the top 500 than the other traditional countries. This should also be a good “selling” point as Indian students traditionally are more ranking obsessed than others. So it is more good news for Australian education and it is really welcome. Victor


    1. It is a strong selling point for sure. However as pointed out in the last blog where I even provided a link to an article from India. The media has such a “look west” policy that even the obvious strengths are ignored from OZ.


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