None of Indian Institutions feature in THES rankings WHILE 60% of Aussie Universities in top 400… Should this not change the Indian perception!

The Indian newspapers have been yelling the THES rankings with captions such as NOT A SINGLE INDIAN UNIVERSITY IN WORLD TOP 200 (see link) and there are obvious mentions of the rankings of leading Universities from around the world. However there is no mention of the fact in the Indian media that 23 of the 39 Australian Universities which is a good 60% of all Universities are in top 400 in the world and possibly making it the world leader by that calculation. It is possible that the most sought after are the Harvards or Oxford but overall the quality of Aussie Universities as an average is far higher than rest of the world…

This is as per the THES rankings. If we look at the other respected ranking done by QS and that was released earlier, the finding is similar or possibly even better. When two competing rankings give the same verdict, the Indian mindset must change… towards Australian quality.

Full list of Australians in Times Higher Education rankings

  • SEE which Australian institutions made it in to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings this year.

Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2011-12

1 Melbourne 37 36
2 ANU =38 =43
3 Sydney 58 71
4 UQ 74 =81
5 Monash =117 =178
6 UNSW =173 =152
7 UWA =189
8 Adelaide 207 =73
9 Macquarie 249 240
10 Wollongong 266 252
11 QUT 290
12 Newcastle 297 265
13 Charles Darwin 306
14 Tasmania 343 289
15 South Australia 352 339
16 Curtin 363 381
17 Swinburne 368
18 Deakin 381 399
19 Flinders 386
20 Griffith 388 386
21 La Trobe 393 324
Out of the top 400 UTS 352
Out of the top 400 UWS 393
Source: Times Higher Education with data supplied by Thomson Reuters.
The above is a cut-paste from



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