UKBA Student changes. Revising my “initial comments” now that Full details are revealed.

I had done a blog on 23rd April with my initial comments on the announced UKBA changes. The full details have just been released and you can find them on this link.

There are details that do change some of my initial comments. For example: all postgraduate students with courses “atleast of 1 year” (and not “more than 1 year” as was in earlier announcement) can take their spouse and dependents along with them. This does hence change the situation a fair bit.

There is also detail on the process for students seeking “post-study-work” from April 2012. While it is not the same as the current system of PSW and it is also not going to be easy to get an employer who offers a job on the quoted salary levels to the freshly graduating students, it does offer one big relief that changes my initial comments. It waives the students moving to Tier-2 visa from the Resident Labour Market Test and hence my assumption is that if the student has the right job letter offering the right salary, he/she should be able to move to the work permit. Not easy but a possibility remains.

UKBA is also providing a new system of categorization of countries based on their “risk assessment level”… Copying the Australian system but only two categories and not five.

The monitoring and guidelines for Private Colleges is a positive development. However the implementation will be the key.

Do go ahead and make your own assessment of the changes. Details on this link.



  1. No Country can run their education systems without Recruiting Students from India for Long term. Its equally true that Policymakers always keeps GAPS in the system so in future thay can FILL that GAPS and say – see we have stopped misuse of system.


    1. Well, there is a problem also due to the local politics in the post-recession era. By saying that we will protect local jobs, they get votes. One way of interpreting this is that we will stop out-sourcing jobs to India and the other way is to say that we will slow down immigration of foreigners with work rights. Both these have long term disadvantages for a country. The proponents of free-economy are becoming protectionists. Right is becoming more Left. Failed model indeed. While talking of lowering tariffs and promoting free-trade and globalisation on one hand, they talk differently with regards to free-movement of skills.


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