AAERI Elections 2011-12 (Message of Thanks)

Thanks to all colleagues and mates for your congratulatory message on being elected as AAERI President for 2011-12. I am overwhelmed by the majority support and the consensus between the elected members. It is a tough phase for the industry and so the role is even more critical.

Honestly, I will continue to work the way I have been and there is really no change. It is a team effort in the exec and there is a definite continuity. We are delighted to see two new and young inclusions.

Thanks also for all the SMSs, emails and messages including some wall-posts. The term only starts in a month or so.

As per the advise of the election officer, over 75% of the members voted and this is indeed the highest polled in the AAERI history. I must also add that in my opinion, this was a truly transparent election process presided by Henry Ledlie.

Full details on AAERI site’ election link (find link to the page here ).



  1. Congratulations! Genuine success comes only to those who are ready for it. Good luck for your upcoming tenure.


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