INDIA: New law on overseas university agents (in the offing!)

Newslinks today inform: A new law making it mandatory for all education agents to register with the Indian government or face fines or jail terms, has been proposed in the wake of reports that some recruitment agents have misled students into joining fake universities abroad, such as the allegedly dubious California-based Tri-Valley University.

However, the interesting thing is that I(yes) have been quoted extensively even though I have never met the journalist or given an interview on the proposed bill in the last few months for sure. Either the journalist picked up one of my earlier comments or has begun to understand my thought process, I would possibly have stated as has been quoted. Just yesterday I was watching Manoj Shyamalan’s SIGNS and hence, even this thought that someone can read my mind and quote me without meeting or corresponding with me is quite freakish. Anyway, will let it be… Guys, take it that I said what has been written!!! Only that my name is Ravi and not Rajiv… Global Reach indeed is an education consultancy that I head as its Managing Director (not director). Read on rest of it on this link.

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