Time for Aussie TUTORIAL to the “education” world!!!

Before Minister Sibal left for Australia in April, I, in my blog had suggested that he should take some tips from the Aussies regarding Vocational Education and any collaboration to focus on the Vocational Education and Training in India will be to India’s benefit.

As it turns out, Minister Sibal, not just did that but went one step ahead.

“India plans to restructure its college admission policy to allow vocational education students lateral entry mid-course into mainstream higher educational institutions for the first time following the Australian model.”

“Under the restructured policy, such a student will be allowed to join an appropriate engineering course mid-way — directly in second year, for instance.”

“The impetus for the plan came following a trip by HRD minister Kapil Sibal to Australia last month. Australia allows lateral movement of students between mainstream and vocational education courses. Close to a lakh Indian students went to Australia last year alone, mostly to pursue vocational education courses.”

These are only the first paragraph and the last paragraph of the article COLLEGE SWITCH IN SIBAL PLAN from The Telegraph of this day. You are welcome to take a look at the link for the full article.

India is not the only one, which seems to be taking notes from the Australians.

BBC has reported (see link) that

“Unscrupulous” recruitment agents who bring bogus overseas students into the UK are being targeted in an international initiative.”

“The British Council has for the first time brought together countries including the UK, the US and Australia to try to keep out such students.”

“A meeting of immigration and education authorities in London, the first of its kind, is intended to co-ordinate a multi-national response. Higher education has become a globalised market and the British Council says there needs to be an international approach to tackling fraud.”

“There are also concerns about “multi-national businesses which open up money-making colleges and then close them down, leaving students stranded”.”

“An inaugural meeting of English-speaking countries brought together representatives of the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the Irish Republic. The UK Border Agency was among the representatives from the UK.”

“Pat Killingley, the British Council’s director of higher education, said competitor countries need to work together. “We have common interests – we’ve all built up reputations for quality in higher education that we want to protect,” she said.”

Not just the British that find need to exchange notes with the Aussies, Americans have gaped for long at the lead taken by the Australians. Take a look at the following slide used by AIRC (American International Recruitment Council) highlighting Aussie ESOS as an example for US to follow… It will be quite obvious…

These are only a few as examples. I found the American SEVIS to be inspired by the PRISMS. British too have openly admitted being inspired by the Ozzie point system and also they have just recently moved from visa letters to CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) aping the Ozzie electronic COE (Confirmation of Enrolment).

I did a blog earlier this week titled WILL NZ EVER BE A DESTINATION FOR INDIAN STUDENTS. This blog resulted in me receiving so many emails with differing views and also many who were aghast as my being so candid. This blog too indicates that even NZ has lessons to learn from the Ozzies.

Lets certainly give the Aussies their due here. They are in the lead. 2009-10 is actually going to be part of their experience and 2011-12 will build upon this current year. Lessons are to be learnt. Following the Twenty-20 World Cup Semi-final match, I need to say that they have “hussey-ed” the world and India too stands “siballed”.


  1. A multi-pronged approach to tackling fraud is indeed the need of the hour and we seem to be moving in the right direction.

    A strict visa system such as that followed by Australia would certainly weed out fraudulent elements globally.


    1. Nilima,

      May be that was the reason Australia flourished as a popular destination?

      You cannot have that kind of volume without allowing fraudulent elements. I believe at least 80% of the volume is in fact fraudulent.

      No doubt, they are moving in the right direction now.


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