On 5th February I had done a blog aghast at the Kingfisher advertising with the tagline FORGET THE UGLY AUSSIE… Though that advert was pulled out later on complaints against the under-the-belt campaign against their competitor who appeared to Indians as the AUSSIE brand, it did its bit in damaging to the Australian Education image in India. However, what I am going to share here is how KARMA comes to play…

The advert that I referred to in the earlier blog titled MR MALLYA, PLEASE DONOT MAKE ME AND OTHER INDIANS APPEAR UGLY! was:

Now let me elaborate the KARMA that I see… I am not talking of the losses that Kingfisher and Mallya are suffering in their airlines business at all… I am simply talking of the fact that possibly KINGFISHER has to now EAT THEIR OWN WORDS…

On my recent visit to Australia on the invitation of UNIVERSITY OF CANBERRA, I was in an Indian restaurant with a friend from Indian Army who was in Australia to train… My “fauji” friend of-course enjoys his hard drinks but seeing a teetotaler giving him company, simply opted for the “Indian KINGFISHER Beer” being a “proud Indian”. This is when I managed to hold on to the bottle and turn it around to find that…

This couldn’t be true… The brand that claimed to be a PROUD INDIAN and had asked Indians to FORGET THE UGLY AUSSIE in the light of the media-hyped attack on Indian students was being now BREWED IN AUSTRALIA and that too in the state of VICTORIA.

SHOULD THE AUSSIE COMPETITORS now release adverts in Australia asking Australians to FORGET THE UGLY INDIAN?

This is KARMA indeed… HOWEVER, Australia seems to be practicing what Gandhi advised: AN EYE FOR EYE WILL MAKE THE WORLD GO BLIND!

Mr Mallya, Check Mate!



  1. I prefer Crown Lager to Kingfisher. Crown Lager Australia’s best beer. I love Australia. Forget the ugly India.


        1. Once in a while you need to spice n up your blog with these types of writings also. Makes it interesting.


  2. “SHOULD THE AUSSIE COMPETITORS now release adverts in Australia asking Australians to FORGET THE UGLY INDIAN?”

    Where does this comment comes from… Is someone releasing such Advertisement?
    If no one is doing so as your next line suggests, then !!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Kingfisher did do promotions on that message. I did a blog on it on 5th Feb. Australian Govt and Fosters made a formal complaint to the company. They thereafter discontinued the promotions. Though at some locations such displays continued even thereafter. It’s an irony that they have now started brewing in Australia. The pics are taken by me on my phone.

      Ravi Sent from my iPhone


  3. Mr. Singh

    that is certainly a hit below the belt. i was wondering if you would allow me to use the image and pass the word around here in Australia (through social media)?


    1. Hello Shilp, You can use the image for sure. However do be a little responsible with the message you put out. I would like to point out that the Kingfisher promotion, when noticed by me in the form of a display at a super-market in India, was brought to the attention of the Australian Government departments and they did issue their concern to the company. The company did not continue with that promotion thereafter. The purpose of my blog here was to put out the message that companies need to be very careful when they confuse opportunism as opportunity…


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