Earthquake cannot quake New Zealand’s “zeal”.

Two days after my return from my dash to NZ’s capital, Wellington, last week, I was affected by the images of the earthquake that hit Christchurch last Saturday. Anyone seeing those images and reading of the intensity of the quake would feel that there would be several lives lost. In India, this kind of a quake and that too in a large city would mean a minimum of a thousand deaths.

So, is the god kinder on the Kiwis. Maybe. Possibly. And possibly the Kiwis are deserving of that kindness…

I put it also to the Kiwi “zeal” and planning. The buildings are constructed with the “quake” in mind and these were tested for sure. Structural damages are understandable but the fact that all the lives have been saved is not merely a miracle but also good planning.

Almost as a premonition, my host from Education NZ, took me for a walk to the fantastic and hugely interactive MUSEUM OF NEW ZEALAND (TE PAPA) and am I not so glad that she did! It is one of its kind amongst museums and two of the features have stayed on in my memory: The first is the way the Kiwis acknowledge the first people of the land – Maoris and the second is my visit to the section on earthquakes where there was a small wooden house where when stepped in, it gives the visitor – a quake experience.

It is this precise “zeal” that attracts internationals to that land.

I can go on and on about my favorite country but would pause here let the focus remain on the message that Global Reach emailed out to all our partners in Christ Church region:

Subject: Our Prayers are with you

Dear Friends,

We were shocked to read about the devastating earthquake which struck Christchurch. We are deeply concerned about the the safety and security of all of you in that area.

Ravi was the first one to alert me of this news and I saw images of the empty streets and destruction on the BBC. We especially pray for Jenny, Farida, Beth, Annie, Cherry and their families and our students and the residents of the area. Global Reach family extends its support and prays for a healing of the injured, comfort and restoration of those who have lost their property and all best wishes for a quick recovery for all those who are affected by this calamity.

God bless you,


Victor Rao, General Manager, Global Reach



  1. Its really a Miracle, no deaths from the 7.1 Mag Earth Quake in Christchurch. This shows how well the cities are planned and how good is the quality control of constructions are in NZ. Ofcourse its a good country to live and learn

    Lets hope every one recovers soon from the shock and things are back to normal


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