Indians are Indeed being SINGLED OUT in Australia…

Australian Foreign Minister, Mr Stephen Smith, addressed the students at DELHI UNIVERSITY’S prestigious St Stephens College this morning and emphasized that 1)Australia wants Indian students to keep coming to Australia and that 2)OZ has zero tolerance towards any attacks. (See link)

A QUICK-FIX SOLUTION: A few steps that actually fixes both the issues are:
  • Change the AL for India for the University sector (573) without delay and it will help correct the skewed nature of the student visa policy and encourage quality Indian students. (EXTREMELY CRITICAL since without this, welcoming Indian students will remain mere lip-service).
  • Disqualify International students from “risky” jobs such as Taxi Driving or working beyond a certain time of the day. This will ensure that International students are not at “wrong place at the wrong time”. (NEW PROPOSAL and Indian government can also consider mentioning it in the advisory)
  • Part-time Taxi Driving by Indian students exposes them to rough hours leading to attacks by the drunk passengers and also exposes the Australians to possible death (see Link 1 and Link 2) at the hands of ill-trained and reckless students undertaking this part time work.
  • Push the Victorian Government especially the Police to increase patrolling of troublesome spots in the Melbourne suburb. The Western suburbs have seen higher incidents of mugging and theft and so this is certainly needed here. Even the visible presence of uniformed policeman is enough to discourage any “druggies/drunk/hippies” from robbing anyone, not just Indians. (NEED TO BE ENSURED)
  • Increased compliance on the part of onshore migration agents and some private vocational colleges will cut out the current nexus that has lowered the perception on the quality of Australian Education. (THIS IS BEING DONE)


That’s it Sir. The above only can put an end to all the confusion and set the ball rolling again. No need for any other reviews and any other visits to India.

India is certainly a country worth visiting but what is the point of so many visits in recent times over the same issue. What he stated this morning is exactly what Deputy PM Julia Gillard stated at LSR College during her visit in August-September 2009 (see link). AND the same message delivered by Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Both of them reiterated that Australia WELCOMES INDIAN STUDENTS (see link).
Australia cannot WELCOME Indian students by merely stating the same. The current visa system disadvantages quality students to quality providers and hence is certainly UNWELCOMING. Without changing this and also the above advised measures, the visits of the senior Ministers will amount to nothing but wastage of breath, money and time on part of both the countries.


Baring the blunder of one Indian channel and of one Australian.
It is time that Australia completely bares the hypocrisy of Indian Media and a certain Australian of Indian Origin who keeps giving his GUPT-GYAN. Take them on by their horns. Next time, they ask the question: Why are INDIANS BEING SINGLED OUT? Reply by asking them to provide you with the list of the dead Indians over the last 5 years. This will answer all the questions and lay bare the ‘RACISM” claim. Repeatedly accusing OZ of Racist killings and calling all Australians as Racist is different from stating that in some of the attacks (not amounting to murder), the muggers may have made racist statements or even some attackers may be racist in belief. TIMES NOW is certainly guilty of brainwashing many in believing that Indians have been singled out and that killings have been targeted at Indians. A complete nonsense. Journalism requires that all inputs are verified.
I, like many, have read statistics that since 2003, there have been 32 deaths of Indians in Australia. I, like many, have also heard one TV anchor and a few of his invited guests, discuss how Australia has been in denial and that innocent lives have been lost.
This got me on to a search for the full list of Indian deaths since 2003 to try and find a pattern or to establish what has been often referred to as SINGLING OUT OF INDIANS. I have come to the conclusion that INDIANS ARE INDEED BEING SINGLED OUT and am hereby presenting my assessment.
Digging the internet and prodding through publicly available records, helped me dig data for last 2 years. In last two years, I have come across several deaths of people of Indian-Origin and even though I did not manage to extract the full 32 names (since 2003), it is still sufficient to take me to a conclusion.
My estimate is that there are possibly 15 (Fifteen) Indian deaths in total in last two years. Of these atleast 10 are clearly committed by people of Indian origin or appearance. The remaining will include those who may have died as a result of accident or drowning and also suicide. I DID NOT COME ACROSS EVEN ONE INDIAN KILLED BY A WHITE AUSTRALIAN IN THE LAST TWO YEARS.
Hence going by the available information on the deaths of Indians in Australia, if at all Indians are being SINGLED OUT, it is by the Indians themselves.
Prove me wrong!!!
There is another issue of selective coverage of news items by Indian media. I want to share one recent Press Trust of India release which only got picked up by an online news site. The link is here and I quote:
“Melbourne, Feb 24: More than 250 Indians have been accused of assaults in Victoria during 2008-09, with nearly 86 of them for rape and sex abuses, the latest figures from Australian police on violent crimes claim. “
“86 Indian nationals or Australians born in India were processed by police for rape and sex assaults, 12 for aggravated burglary, 8 for abduction and two for murder, the latest report by ‘Herald Sun’ on the crime statistics kept by the police for 24 foreign-related groups said. “
I will cover the “selective coverage” by Indian channels in another blog… Bye for now.
P.S.: As on 03.03.2010 there are also a few investigations “in progress” and this includes the case of “Nitin Garg” and we donot know the killers in these cases yet. Also most of the above are based on newspaper reports and in some cases, court proceedings are still ongoing and hence they may only be treated as “accused” till then.
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  1. Although the facts were always what came out at the end… this has been a ridiculous follow-up to the incidents held in Aussie.. people were stunned and the situations were changing through out the tenure..

    we who however were understanding the truth were also waiting for the news to come out..

    and what is said in the ultimate..

    thanks for being there and spreading the news!!


      1. we do check all your messages… Today we attended a seminar with INZ in Delhi and had a few chat abt Australia as well…

        We have different views but intersecting at some points and all the points are co-linear..

        I wish all the media you are contacting could do their duty to keep the prospective audience well informed.

        Have a nice day!!


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